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Thunder Canyon


Total Recall Press is pleased to announce the release of Don Brewer's second book, Thunder Canyon.  This book details the investigative actions of U.S. Secret Service Operatives in 1900 while investigating a counterfeit gold coin and gold bar case.  The story is set in the gold boom town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.  The trio of cousins from Don's prize-winning first book, Worthy of Trust and Confidence, travel back in time to assist the operatives during the investigation. The use of gold coins and bars as currency is a forgotten piece of American history.


Thunder Canyon is not a sequel per se, but several of the characters appear in both books. 


Paperbacks and First edition hard bounds are available through Amazon, Kindle e-books and special order from Books-a-Million or other bookstores.  If you are interested in a signed, personalized copy, send Don an email at




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