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Grand Prize Winner-Westerns Division

Ultimate Hero Writing Contest

Don Brewer's prize-winning book, Worthy of Trust and Confidence, is an unusual adventure, since it details the actions of Secret Service operatives while investigating counterfeit currency in the Old West in 1898.  
The Prologue and Epilogue relate the actions of a trio of cousins who are researching a family history project. The trio become embedded in the consciousness of the three main characters in the book, and follow the case from beginning to end, while experiencing life through their character's eyes, heart and mind.
This unique work of fiction is a classic old style Western mystery. There are bank robbers, crooked politicians, a love interest, and a shootout.
Worthy of Trust and Confidence is enjoyable to adults, as well as early to mid-teen readers, boys and girls alike. 



Paperbacks and First Edition Hardbound are now available. 

Future Books
Untitled book:  The fictional story of a sophisticated plot to counterfeit US money.
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